Create EOS Account for a Friend

You will need an existing EOS account to create a new EOS account. Here's a quick and easy guide that shows you how you can help your friend create an EOS account using your account.

EOS Accounts Are Not Free

Unlike many other public blockchains, the creation of new EOS accounts utilizes some network resources from the EOS public blockchain. Thus, it will cost you a few EOS tokens to create a new EOS account.

So, please make sure you have some EOS available (at least 1 EOS) before you proceed.

Generate EOS Private and Public Key Pair

First, you will need to generate a set of unique EOS private key pair to use for the new EOS account. We recommend using EOS Authority site tool to generate EOS private keys.

Once you are on the Key Generator page, just press on the ‘Generate new key’ button to generate your desired private keys. For maximum security, ensure that your computer is offline when you are generating your keys.

Copy down the EOS public and private key pair somewhere first. You will need them later when creating the new EOS account.

If you are helping a friend to create a new EOS account, ask him or her to use the above tool to generate the keys in private.

For account generation purposes, he or she will only need to tell you the PUBLIC key. Only he or she should have access to the PRIVATE key.

Pick a Unique EOS Account Name

Next, you will need to come up with a unique account name for the new EOS account.

EOS account names must be 12 characters long and compose of only lowercase letters from a-z and numbers only from 1 to 5.

Example of a valid EOS Account Name: ‘abcdefg12345’

Create New EOS Account via

Once you have the EOS account name and EOS public key ready, you are ready to begin the final step to create the new EOS account. In this guide, we will be using to create the new account.

Login to using your existing EOS account and go to Wallet -> Advance Create Account page located at:

Fill in the new account name and enter the EOS public key you generated earlier in both Public Owner Key and Public Active key.

Ensure that the ‘Check to transfer stake to created account...’ checkbox is checked.

Leave the rest of the fields as is and press ‘Create Account’ button to generate your new EOS account.

And that’s it! Assuming that your account name is valid and that you have enough EOS to pay for the creation, you should now have a new EOS account ready for use.

All that is left to do is to setup Scatter and your friend is ready to start using EOS dapps and play some EOS games!