How to Create EOS Account and Start Playing Blockchain Games

Get your own EOS Account and start playing EOS games in just a couple of easy steps!

Step 1: Creating EOS accounts

Shown here is the quickest way to get an EOS account.

The methods described below allows anyone to create an EOS account from scratch and involves the use of a credit card or some other cryptocurrency tokens (eg. bitcoin).

Note: If you have a friend who already possess an EOS account, you can ask him or her to create an EOS account for you via our guide.

  1. First you will need generate a Public Key and a Private Key. This is known as a key pair. You can generate a key pair at EOS Authority, a trusted site.

  2. Write down/copy-and-paste the Public and Private Key pair somewhere safe (especially the Private Key as it is like your password! If you lose this you lose access to your EOS account!).

  3. Next, go to EOS Account Creator website and click on the “Create EOS Account” button

  4. Type in a desired account name (lowercase a to z, 1 to 5). Click “Continue”

  5. Enter the Public Key (not Private Key!) into both the boxes on the page. Click “Continue”

  6. Choose to pay by Credit Card or Cryptocurrency.

  7. Check the box that says “I have read and accept the privacy policy and the EOS Constitution” and click the Pay button.

  8. Complete the payment process and you’re done! Your private keys should now be linked to the EOS account name that you have just specified.

You can check that your account has indeed been created by navigating to:[your-account-name]