Crypto Sword & Magic Game Guide - Beginner to Pro Hero in 5 Minutes (Blockchain RPG)

What is Crypto Sword & Magic?

Crypto Sword & Magic is an RPG where your hero gets stronger through acquiring better loot, strengthening pets, fighting monsters in mazes as well as trading for better equipment with other players at the in-game marketplace powered by EOS.

The game also includes idle features so your hero can still get stronger even when you’re not actively playing the game!

Learn the basics, tips and tricks people don't tell you and how to efficiently raise levels and get stronger in no time.

Logging in

You will need a wallet app to login using your EOS account as the game runs on the EOS blockchain.

Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • TokenPocket



  • NOVA

  • Guest (not recommended)

Desktop (Web Browser)

Note: During the game, your wallet app might sometimes show popups for you to confirm actions, like when you’re making a purchase or using the auction/market. This is normal and simply allow them as this game records these on the EOS Blockchain.

Getting Started: Classes and important stats

Warrior: Strength (STR), Luck (LUK)

Rogue: Dexterity (DEX), Luck (LUK)

Mage: Intelligence (INT), Luck (LUK)

Basically, each class has a stat that contributes the most to how much damage they can deal. Luck is pretty important as many skills depend on it.

Each class has a different assortment of skills they can learn, but every class will be able to fight pretty decently no matter against single enemies or groups of enemies.

Give your character a name and you’re in the game!

Navigation is easy

There are 5 sections in Crypto Sword & Magic, and they’re pretty straightforward. When you see a red dot, it means either an upgrade task (eg enchantment) has finished or there is some freebie to check out!

Let’s take a look at the most important stuff you need to know and shouldn’t miss out on.

Tip #1: Freebies! Idle upgrades and freebies to power up without doing anything (much)

Who doesn’t like free things? Like many modern RPGs you can still power up your hero while you carry on with your life. There are also free bonus chests with free equipment!

Daily login bonuses

Don’t miss a day to get the most out of it! There are some pretty good login bonuses on some days. Simply login, get bonus, rejoice.

Hero > Skill Training

In order to use skills, the hero first needs to learn them. Skills need to be at least level 1 (which fortunately only takes a short while) to be equipped by heroes and used in battle.

Leveling up skills can be done here too. Weapon mastery skills will boost the damage for every attack and thus highly recommended. Going for a multi-target attack skill is good to round out too.

Inventory > Enchant

Enchanting is like Skill Training, except there are success rates. However they can increase item stats by quite a bit if the base stats are high, so always Enchant equipment with good base stats.

Shop - Free chests!

There are 3 bonus chests at the shop. Each of them take different amounts of time before it can be opened again, with the bronze chest being the quickest one, but usually gives rather useless equipment (which can still be used for leveling up other equipment or composed).

Don’t forget to check back and open each chest when the timer reaches 0!

Tip #2: Skills - Equip them!

Can’t emphasize this enough - remember to equip your skills! Go to Hero > Equip Skill and make sure your hero is equipped with the learned skills to use them in battle. The top shows currently equipped skills and below your hero are all the skills learned.

Tip #3: Understanding Equipment - What to look out for?

“Rarity vs Base Stats vs Level Bonuses - What’s more important?”

This is actually the most important part of this game and has the greatest impact on your characters.


The stat rolls for Crypto Sword & Magic can be pretty wild. Rarity does not imply better equipment especially when you get lucky.

Base Stats

High base stats are important as they are the main means of increase defense and for weapons, determine the base attack damage. Also, the higher the base stats, the more each Enchant Level will increase the stats. For weapons, enchanting a high P.Atk/M.Atk weapon will provide more bonuses per Enchant Level compared to a low P.Atl/M.Atk one too.

Level Bonuses and Leveling up Equipment

Level Bonuses are the bonuses listed in the description of every equipment item, unlocked by raising Equipment Levels . In this example below, the Shadow Armor is at level 10, so the first Level Bonus “P.Def +37” has been unlocked. Leveling this armor to level 20 will unlock Str +4% and so on. Leveling equipment up will also provide small bonuses to base stats.

Equipment Levels are raised by sacrificing other items/stones to the item you want to level up under Inventory > LevelUp.

Enchant Level

Equipment Levels are different from Enchant Levels (+5 for the Shadow Armor above; shown on the top-right corner of every equipment). Every Enchant Level provides a huge boost to base stats for items with high base stats, and it is highly recommended to raise them to at least +5.

Enchant Levels are raised by going to Inventory > Enchant , choosing the item and waiting for the timer to end. The higher the level the longer it will take.

Result of Enchantment

Enchant Level change

Great Success






Epic Fail


Compose equipment to get rare equipment items

Composing is simple. If you put in equipment of the same rarity, there’s a chance you will get an item with a rarity one tier higher. If you’re not as lucky you will still get an item of the rarity of items you put in.

You can mix items of different rarities but the resulting item’s possible rarity will be equal to the highest rarity item(s) you put in.

You don’t have to put 5 items in - the more rare stuff you put in, the better the chances of getting something better from it.

TL;DR Just tell me what to do with equipment items

For a start, you will want to get as many orange rarity equipment as possible with decent level bonuses. You can do that by composing lots of common and blue rarity equipment. When you get good equipment with stat boosts that benefit your class (eg DEX and LUK for Rogues), level them up as well as Enchant them to boost the base stats.

When you have a decent set of equipment, you can start to try for purple and higher equipment.

Tip #4: Leveling Quickly and Easily through Battles

REMEMBER THIS: battle experience is shared among the mercenaries you hire and you! If you hire 3 mercenaries (party of 4), you only gain a quarter of the battle experience.

Battles in Crypto Sword & Magic are automatic, even though moving through the maze-like map can be manual or automatic. However choosing the right paths and deciding whether to head straight for the goal or explore more is crucial for survival.

Leveling fast: Moving to more difficult maps actually do not increase the experience gains much, so it is actually pretty easy to level up especially at lower levels following these tips:

  1. Battle with only your hero and do not hire any mercenary

  2. Choose an Easy stage about 2 levels lower than your current level. If it is still too difficult for your hero, go down level by level until you find a good stage to earn experience from.

  3. (Optional) Turning on Auto does not necessarily mean faster to get through battles, but you can do other things while your hero is battling. Before you know it, the battles will have finished!

Next steps

  • Inventory getting messy? To prevent accidentally using your awesome equipment as material for leveling up or composing, click the lock icon in the item descriptions to prevent losing them.

  • Earn EOS from auctions! Sell good and rare equipment you don’t need. If you check out the ongoing auctions, most items that get sold are at least Orange rarity. when you're getting orange rarity equipment easily, you might be able to sell an item or two for some EOS.

  • Earn crystals from Dungeons (under Battle) - Crystals are rewarded according to player rank so you may want to hold off until you have decent equipment. The same goes for Raids.

  • Pets provide stat bonuses, but they’re also pretty expensive to get compared to equipment. You can also level them up or combine the same pets to boost their stats and skill respectively. Recommended: Get the Golden Egg to be guaranteed a good pet.

  • Join an official discussion group. Nothing beats getting tips and advice from experienced and hardcore players. Official Crypto Sword & Magic team members often drop by too to answer questions from the community.

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