CPU Not Enough? How to Stake CPU for your EOS Account

Learn how to stake enough CPU so you can run EOS smart contracts without issues.

Having enough CPU staked in your EOS account is vital when it comes to being able to interact with EOS Dapps. It determines how many transactions (or “actions”) you can do over a period of time, very much like “stamina” in many mobile games. Simply put, the more CPU you stake, the more “stamina” you have and when it runs out, it’ll “recover” over time.

What is Staking and Unstaking?

Like any other public blockchain, every single transaction on the EOS network costs the user some computational resources. In most other public blockchains, this is in the form of a transaction fee but EOS transactions are completely FEE-LESS! You will however need to stake enough CPU to power your transactions.

Staking for EOS resources is a system unique to EOS where you temporarily “deposit” any amount of EOS you hold in exchange for a share of the network’s CPU or NET resources.

Staking/Unstaking is:

  • Free! No amount is lost from staking/unstaking

  • The more you stake into CPU, the more transactions/actions you can do on the blockchain

  • Unstaking will take 72 hours before the unstaked EOS is available for you to use again

How Much Should I Stake?

Based on the average EOS user’s daily activities, we recommend a minimum of the following to avoid getting stuck while having fun gaming on EOS DApps:

  • CPU : 10 EOS

  • NET : 1 EOS (way more than enough for most users)

Instructions: Quick and easy way to stake with Scatter and Bloks.io

There are many options available for staking/unstaking but for a start we recommend doing it in Scatter Desktop. (If you have yet to add your account to Scatter, check out Step 2 of the Getting Started guide !)

  1. Go to https://bloks.io/wallet/stake and login using Scatter

  2. Enter your account name, enter the additional amount of CPU you want to stake, and click “Stake”

  3. You will see a Scatter Popup. Allow the transaction and you’re done!

But I can’t stake for myself because I have no CPU left!

One nifty feature of EOS is the ability to stake for another account! This will come in handy when an account run out of CPU and is stuck without CPU to even stake.However, you can stake CPU for that account with a different account! You do not lose the amount you stake for another account, and you can unstake them any time to get back the full EOS amount.

If you do not have enough EOS to go by, you can also rent CPU from many of the great community-powered rental services available with very low interest rates, like Chintai.