EOS Crypto Legends Battle Guide

Each game in Crypto Legends is a magical battle between two human players. Winning battles is key to becoming a champion in Crypto Legends and every victory brings you closer to bringing home exciting tournament prizes at the end of each season.

This is an introductory guide on how combat works in Crypto Legends. If you are introducing someone new to Crypto Legends, share this battle guide with them so they can learn how to play Crypto Legends in no time!

Basic Combat Rules

In Crypto Legends, each game is a magical duel between two players. Each player commands a powerful hero who is equipped with a deck of 40 cards which are used to summon minions or cast powerful spells to defeat the opponent.

How to Win

The objective of each game is to use your minions and spells to cause damage to the opponent's hero.

Each player's hero starts with 30 HP. A player wins when their opponent’s HP goes down to 0 (or below).

Game Flow

At the beginning of each Crypto Legends battle, you automatically draw 4 random cards from your deck. You can choose to discard any, all or none of the 4 cards. Any discarded cards will be replaced by the same number of random cards from your deck. You are allowed to only discard up to once. This is your starting hand for the battle.

After both players have confirmed their starting hands, the first player’s turn starts.

At the start of your turn, you will draw a random card from your deck.

During your turn, you can do any of the following:

  • Summon units using Elixir

  • Cast spells using Mana

  • Spend 4 Elixirs to draw an additional card

  • Use your summoned units to attack the opponent’s Hero or unit(s)

  • Activating your Hero’s Ability

You can end turn at any time during your turn, or simply when you run out of possible actions (eg running out of Elixirs/Mana) by tapping the End Turn button.

After a player’s turn, it will be the other player’s turn. This is repeated until the winning objective is met. The game immediately ends and a winner is determined.

Note: After 15 turns, each Hero will take damage at the start of each of their turns.

Crypto Legends Game UI - Battle Screen

  1. Your Hero portrait and current HP

  2. Your Hero ability and current charge (3 of 4 charges in example)

  3. Your current hand

  4. Tap to spend 4 Elixir to draw an additional card (once a turn)

  5. Current/maximum Elixir

  6. Current/maximum Mana

  7. Front row units

  8. Back row units

  9. End your turn (“Enemy turn” is shown when it’s your opponent’s turn)

  10. Turn number

  11. Opponent portrait, HP and ability (tap and hold on ability to check opponent’s hero ability)

  12. Opponent hand, current/maximum Elixir, current/maximum Mana

  13. Opponent summoned units

  14. Exit from battle/Surrender (this will count as your defeat)

  15. Cards played history

  16. Hero gesture (say hi to your opponent!)

Unit Cards vs Spell Cards

For more on card details, check out our Crypto Legends Card Guide

There are two types of main card categories in Crypto Legends - Unit Cards and Spell Cards. A deck contains 40 of these cards and learning about them and how they work can allow you to unleash devastating combos.

Unit Cards are the main “minions” you summon into battle. Each of them have a Summon Cost (in Elixirs; top-left purple symbol), Attack Power (bottom-left blue or orange sword symbol) and HP (bottom right red shield symbol). Most of them have effects that trigger in specific scenarios and can turn the tide in some battles.

When you summon a unit into battle, they cannot attack until the next turn (unless they have a card effect that allows them to do so). When units can attack, there will be a swirling green circle below each unit.

When a unit’s HP reaches 0, it leaves the battlefield.

Spell Cards are one-use cards that consume Mana. The have a Mana cost (top-left blue circle) and simply trigger the effect(s) on the cards. Most of them can be categorized into either offensive (eg damages opponents) or defensive (buffs/heals own units) cards. After a Spell Card is used, it is discarded.

Elixir and Mana - Your Main Resources

Elixirs are what you spend to summon Unit Cards. You can also draw an additional card by spending 4 elixirs once per turn. At the start of every turn, Elixirs will recharge to full. You start with 1 Elixir in turn 1.

With every turn your maximum Elixirs will increase by 1 to a maximum of 10.












Elixirs at start of turn











Mana is what you spend to cast Spell Cards. Unlike Elixirs, Mana does not recharge to full every turn. You recover 1 Mana every turn, starting the battle with 1 Mana.

Melee vs Ranged Unit Cards and Row Position

Unit Cards have one of two types of attacks - either Melee or Ranged. You can tell by the symbol behind their attack value: blue for melee and orange for ranged.

Attacking the Hero: Melee units can only target the opponent Hero when there is no opponent unit in their front row. Ranged units can target the opponent Hero even if there are units in their opponent’s front and back rows.

Countering: A melee unit can only counter melee units, whereas ranged units can counter both melee and ranged units.

Melee unit attacks

Defending melee unit counters

Melee unit attacks

Defending ranged unit counters

Ranged unit attacks

Defending melee unit does not counter

Ranged unit attacks

Defending ranged unit counters

Front and Back Rows

Front Row characteristics:

  • Units cost +1 Elixir to be summoned on top of their stated cost

  • Maximum of 3 units

  • If there are units in the front row, back row units cannot be targeted by melee units

  • If there are units in the front row, the Hero cannot be targeted by melee units

Back Row characteristics:

  • Units cost the stated amount of Elixirs to be summoned

  • Maximum of 4 units

Hero Abilities

Each Crypto Legends Hero has a unique powerful ability that can be activated once every few turns. Try each Hero out and see which ability you prefer!

In Crypto Legends, Hero abilities usually take 4 orbs to charge before they are available for use. The orbs charge from playing cards. When all 4 orbs are charged (green and glowing) you can activate the Hero Ability.

You can speed up charging by using Prism Cards (Unit or Spell cards with a silver or gold frame). Every time you use a Prism Card, you will gain 1, 2 or 3 orbs depending on the base summoning cost of the card and whether it has a silver or gold frame. The higher the base cost the better the chances of charging more. Gold frames are better than silver frames. There is however a limit to how many Prism Cards you can put in your deck depending on the Hero’s level (increased by playing more).

For more on Prism Cards, check out our Crypto Legends Prism Cards Guide

Further Reading

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