EOS Crypto Legends - Quickstart Guide

Crypto Legends, the highly anticipated RPG Trading Card Game is officially released on the EOS blockchain!

Here’s a quick starter guide on how to download, install and play EOS Crypto Legends where you will be experiencing exciting magical battles, challenging thousands of players in mega online tournaments and win EOS prizes in no time!

Download Crypto Legends

Crypto Legends is available for Android and iOS as of now.

As Crypto Legends is still in open beta, the apps are provided through testing programmes to gather feedback and to iron out bugs before they are released on the respective app stores for everybody.

However, joining the open beta is easy!

Android (China / Global servers)

China server
  • Download the latest version of Crypto Legends by tapping on the “Android Download” button

  • After downloading the APK in your browser, tap on the file in the Downloads page or app to install it.

Global server
  • Install the latest version of Crypto Legends by tapping on the “Google Play” button

Note: If you get a popup about installing from Unknown Sources, you can go to Settings>Security and turn on Installing From Unknown Sources (or something similar) then try installing again. You can safely turn this setting off after installing Crypto Legends but you will need to turn it back on to install game updates.

iOS (China server only)

Login with TokenPocket

To login on Crypto Legends, you will need TokenPocket, an EOS wallet app.

Download TokenPocket

When you first launch TokenPocket, it will ask if you have an EOS Account. If you already have an account, you can import from the many options available.

If you do not have an EOS account, check out our guide to setting up an EOS account. You can also create an account using TokenPocket’s provided options within the app.

After you have imported/created an EOS account in TokenPocket, you’re ready to launch the game and play!

Note: Alternatively, you can continue and play in Guest mode first without an EOS account. However, you will not be able to buy or sell cards until you link your EOS account.

Start Playing Crypto Legends

Simply tap on Crypto Legends’ app icon, tap on TokenPocket at the login screen, approve the login action, and you’re ready to duel!

Next Step: Crypto Legends Game Guides

Knowledge is power. Read on to learn advanced tips and improve your strategies in order to win other players in tournaments to get EOS prizes.

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