EOS Game Spotlight: Big.Game Banker Bull Poker

The house always wins. So, why not play as the house? Big.Game's Banker Bull lets you do just that!

Niu Niu poker, or Chinese Bullfighting poker, is a very popular card game in Asia that’s also taking the EOS casino scene by storm.

Seasoned EOS game developer Big.Game takes the genre one step further by capitalizing on the strength of the blockchain in providing a truly PvP casino gaming experience via the introduction of their latest game Banker Bull.

Rather than just emulating a traditional casino game in which players bet against the house aka banker, Banker Bull gives players the option to play as the banker themselves.

Player Rules

If you are playing as a Player in Banker Bull, gameplay is very straightforward. There are 4 boxes in which players can place their bets on.

Players can bet on any or all of the 4 player boxes and each game is resolved by comparing each of the 4 player’s hands against the banker’s hand using the standard Niu Niu Poker rules.

It is important to note that every bet requires 3x the ante amount to be placed. The reason for this is that the player can potentially lose up to 3x the ante, depending on how strong the banker’s hand is. Hence, if your ante bet is 1 EOS, you will need to send 3 EOS to the game contract to play.

Table Limit

The table limit for all bets placed by the players is set at 2% of the banker’s bankroll. However, this may be subjected to change from time to time.

Platform Fees

1.5% of Player profits and 1% of profits from Bankers are taken in as Platform Fees which is used to pay for the various operational needs of the casino.

Banker Rules

This is where it gets interesting. If you wish to play as a Banker, you can start by registering your interest and stating the amount of EOS you wish to bankroll. Once you have registered, you will be enrolled into the pool of bankers during the Banker Settlement period.

The Banker's hand is selected using the last digit of the EOS Block Hash after bets are placed, thus guaranteeing absolute fairness.

Banker Pool

The banker pool is the sum total contribution from all the bankers and is used as the bankroll for Banker Bull.

For each game, whenever the Banker loses, losses are deducted from the Banker pool and whenever the Banker wins, the profits are added back into the banker pool.

The profits and losses for each individual banker is calculated after each game strictly according to the ratio of their individual contributions to the banker pool.

Banker Settlement Period

Bankers get to join and leave the Banker Pool during the Banker Settlement Period at the end of each round, which lasts 12 minutes. They can also increase or reduce their investment amounts during this period.

Joining Fee

There is a 1% joining fee (or dilution fee) for bankers. This fee is paid to the other existing bankers (split according to their relative stake) to compensate for dilution to the Banker Pool due to the entry of the new banker.

Benefits of Being Bankers

Bankers get to enjoy a slight advantage over players whereby if both the banker’s hand and the player’s hand are Zero-Point (No Bull) hands and both their highest cards are of the same rank, then the banker wins.

Bankers also pay less in House fees, only 1% compared to 1.5% for Players. All this translates into a slight overall house edge advantage of 0.2% to the bankers.

With a house edge advantage of 0.2%, this means that statistically, over the long run, for every 100 EOS the banker wager, he or she can expect to earn 0.2 EOS.

Other benefits of being a banker includes the small income from the joining fee as well as the ability to mine BG tokens.

BG Mining Boosts

Both players and bankers can also mine BG tokens as they play the Banker Bull game. BG tokens are the official reward tokens issued by the game developer Big.Game and entitles holders to a share of the casino’s profits. Learn more about EOS casino reward tokens here.

Whenever the player or banker suffers a losing streak, the amount of BG tokens they can mine will be increased as added incentives to keep on playing.

Ever-evolving Game Rules

As this is an innovative new format that’s unique to the EOS blockchain technology, game rules are still evolving and subject to changes as of this writing. For the latest rules, please check out the actual game site itself by clicking on the button below.