EOS Games Twitter Contest - 50 EOS Giveaway!

We are giving away a total of 50 EOS to 5 lucky winners participating in our exciting Twitter competition!

How to Join:

  1. Follow our Twitter @eosgamesguru

  2. Retweet and Tag 2 friends in the Tweet below

  3. Like our Facebook page

Contest ends at 11 November 2019 0000 UTC and winners will be announced around 12 November 2019 0200 UTC (EOS Mainnet Block 89,434,100)

Contest Full Terms and Conditions:

  1. Each Twitter profile and EOS account is only entitled to one entry per contest.

  2. Only accounts that fulfill the entry requirements will be considered.

  3. Winning account(s) will be checked to confirm eligibility after selection. In the case of ineligibility, new account(s) will be selected in place of the ineligible account(s).

  4. Suspected bot accounts will be immediately disqualified

  5. Winner(s) will need to provide a valid EOS account to receive the prize(s).

  6. Winner(s) will receive a Twitter DM from us. If unanswered within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.

  7. EOSGames.guru reserves all rights to responsibly exercise the rights to disqualify entries.

  8. EOSGames.guru reserves all rights to, when necessary, modify any part of the terms/rules of any contest without prior notification.

  9. Have fun and play fair!

Using the EOS Blockchain to Select Winners

To ensure verifiable fairness and maximum transparency, the lucky winners will be randomly selected by using the Hashed IDs of a set of predetermined blocks on the EOS blockchain.

  1. For each contest, a total of 100,000,000 Lucky Tickets will be evenly distributed to all participants.

  2. Based on the number of tickets per entrant, each entrant will get a range of Lucky Ticket numbers.

  3. The list of qualified entries and their corresponding lucky numbers will be published shortly after the contest ends, along with the first target EOS Block number for the lucky draw on the next day.

  4. On the lucky draw date, the last 8 digits of the target Block IDs will be used to determine each of the winning Lucky Ticket numbers.

  5. Each contestant can only win one prize. If the contestant's lucky numbers get picked again, it will not be counted and another lucky number will be drawn again using the subsequent valid block ID.

  6. If for any reason during each draw, the target block is not available or skipped, the subsequent block will be used instead.