EOS Games Twitter Contest Winners Announcement (12 Nov 2019)

Our Twitter giveaway has officially ended! Who are the lucky winners this time?

The contest attracted a total of 276 qualified participants!

For the Lucky Draw, we decided to use the EOS blockchain itself to pick our winners to ensure maximum fairness.

A total of 100 million lucky numbers are assigned to our 276 contestants with each contestant holding 362,317 lucky ticket numbers.

The last eight digits of the hash of the first 5 EOS blocks starting #89,434,100 around 12 Nov 2019 0300h UTC are used to pick the winners.

If you are one of the lucky winners listed below, check your Twitter inbox for our DM for prize collection!

5 Lucky Winners

Block Number & Block ID

Lucky Number (Winner)


Block ID: 0554a7f4587bf8b303fa174a5b5058fda631cf15e7fcc49326d814efdb18d5a3

68,141,853 (mitten25)

EOS Transaction: bloks.io


Block ID: 0554a7f5406191283762d36087eb53a79674fbf242672f2c230234073471d003

73,471,003 (GABRIELTP2000)

EOS Transaction: bloks.io


Block ID: 0554a7f61e91a3f37ea5ca72f7cff26bef94367021a714accefbfa0d13504430

13,504,430 (dmitriigr53)

EOS Transaction: bloks.io


Block ID: 0554a7f7abfc154b05813b39b8f6ff553e6dc2002b3ff8db771fc0e4407cd552

4,407,552 (AndriuJose20)

EOS Transaction: bloks.io


Block ID: 0554a7f834e19080cb13a487058ec055523b7fe2c602f8ce53b610d5b713cabb

36,105,713 (PrinceDerrickSG)

EOS Transaction: bloks.io

Congratulations if you have won!

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