EOS Knights Village Update Guide & Tips

The big EOS Knights Village update is here! Villages have been added and it might be overwhelming. Which buildings do I build first? What does merging buildings do? Is it worth crafting pickaxes? Fret not as this concise beginner's guide will get you up to speed in no time!

TL;DR Just tell me what to build first & some tips

  1. Magic Water Altar first as it gives you magic water over time for doing nothing. Just remember to collect magic water as it fills up.
  2. Knight’s House/Mage’s House/Archer’s House will be your next priority, especially if you rebirth them often.
  3. Garden/Tiles provide Village Score which is used for expanding the village - lowest priority among buildings unless you’re running out of space or have lots of the required materials. However, they are pretty easy to build and are aesthetically pleasing too.
  4. Expanding village gives you 14 more squares each time - more worth it than using pickaxes.
  5. Tip: Build buildings at levels you can afford then merge them - don’t build those you have difficulty getting materials for - merging using readily available materials is much faster.

Complete Guide To Be A Pro EOS Knights Village Builder

Buildings and what they do

Building Types:

  • Magic Water Altar: These generate magic water and lets you collect them as the Altar fills up. Levelling these up provides increase production rate and capacity. Only the highest level level Altar produces magic water for collection.

  • Houses (Knight’s House/Mage’s House/Archer’s House): Increases Attack Power to the respective unit type. Only the highest level of each type earns provides buffs to the respective unit type.
  • Garden/Tiles: These do nothing except provide Village Score. However they are easy to build and can easily help you expand the village.

Merging Buildings

To merge buildings, you are required to have 3 buildings of the same type and level to merge into 1 building which is 1 level higher.

Eg. 3x Level 3 Gardens -> 1x Level 4 Garden

Merging does not require the buildings to be side by side. Possible merges will be shown in the Merge menu.

Moving Buildings

Moving is free!

Tap the move icon to drag buildings around and tap Apply to confirm.

Village Expansion

When you reach certain Village Score (which is obtained by simply building more buildings or levelling them up), you will be able to expand the village. Gardens and Tiles are easy to build and merge, providing an easy way to increase Village Score.

Each expansion adds 14 grids of space to your village.

Protip: Always expand before you clear space! Expansion is cheaper than building pickaxes!

Pickaxes to Clear Spaces

Pickaxes are used for removing the unwanted trees and rocks taking up precious space in the village. Note that pickaxes will be consumed after using them. Clearing space using pickaxes is not necessary until you really run out of space - save up materials for other uses instead of crafting pickaxes.

To remove an obstacle, click on it and choose which pickaxe you would like to use. The Attack value of the pickaxe needs to exceed the HP value of the obstacle to remove it. However pickaxes are one-use only. Removing obstacles give you a small magic water reward and clears that square for buildings.

Crafting requirements for Pickaxes:

  • Hard Pickaxe (1x Steel, 1x Sapphire)
  • Sparkling Pickaxe (1x Magnesium, 1x Cat’s Eye, 1x Diamond)
  • Flaming Pickaxe (1x Mithryl, 1x King Pirate’s Heart, 1x Frog Poison)

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