EOS Proxy Voting - Easiest Voting Method and Why Vote

What are Proxies and why do you need to care?

What are Proxies? EOS Proxies are registered individuals or groups who can gain voting power from their supporters/followers and vote on their behalf.

When you register an EOS Proxy to your account, you are delegating your votes to the proxy. This means that your votes will mirror exactly what your proxy votes for.

Why vote for a Proxy? This is useful if you do not have the time to investigate every BP, and trust a registered friend, influencer or group to vote responsibly on your behalf, or perhaps their ideals are in-line with yours. This gives them extra voting power so your votes are not wasted unused.

How to vote for a proxy

1) Go to Bloks.io Proxy Voting Page

Go to Blok.io’s Proxy page (opens in a new tab), and come back here for Step 2.

2) Log in with Scatter (or other wallets!)

(If you are familiar with logging into websites with desktop wallets, you can skip this step and head to Step 3)

  1. If you have yet to setup Scatter Desktop, we have an easy guide to do that.
  2. Click the Login button on the top right and select Scatter
  3. Scatter will show a popup where you can choose the account to login with. Click Allow and you’re logged in!

3) Choose a Proxy and confirm

① To choose a proxy, either click the button on the leftmost column beside the proxy you’re voting for, or type the proxy name into the box above manually.

② Click “Set ___ as proxy”, allow the transaction in the Scatter (or whichever wallet you’re using) popup and you’re done!

Note: you can change your registered proxy any time you want.