EOSReel - Fortune’s Door Slots

Do you sometimes wonder if the regular slots you played in a casino was fair? Have you wished at times you can check the payout statistics of slot machines you were at? With the advent of crypto gaming, we can now advance into games where all gameplay statistics are transparent and available for user verification.

Fortune’s Door is another new and exciting crypto slots game from EOSReel. It is an entirely on-chain slots games i.e. every bet is on the EOS blockchain. Since every transaction is public, players can choose to check for fair play for any bet in this game. The concept of provably fair gaming can only be made possible with cryptocurrency-based Smart contract technology.

Start Playing with an EOS Account and Scatter

To start playing, you have to first log on to your EOS account through Scatter. Every bet will be transacted from your EOS account directly. If you do not have an EOS account, you can use our guide to set up one. Read on to use our comprehensive guide to set up your Scatter on your computer. In contrast to online casino slots, NO deposit is required for fully on-chain slots game.

Chinese Themed Slots with Bonus Free Spins

Once logged on, you will be greeted with the beautifully designed 5-reel slots. Fortune’s Door is a Chinese-themed slots, using symbols such as dragons from Chinese mythology and copper coins and ingots from ancient Chinese culture. Utilizing the much-loved auspicious colors of red and gold from the Chinese culture, every spin is a visual treat for the eyes.

Fortune’s Door is a 30-way multi-line slots. You can start playing with a minimum bet of 0.03 EOS per spin, or you can choose to maximize the thrill with a max bet of 3 EOS per spin. All wins from each spin are directly credited into your EOS account and you can see your balance clearly displayed at the top of the screen. For more details of the payout for each symbol, please refer to the Pay Table here.

Similar to standard slots games, Fortune’s Door offers a bonus feature of 6 free spins if three Door symbols appears in your spin. You can get up to 100 free spins if the maximum of seven Door symbols appear.

Within the free spins, bonus symbols of the dragons bearing multipliers of 2x can appear to increase your payout.

If you managed to score a big win, your ID will be displayed in the “Huge Win” Hall of Fame at the bottom of the screen.

Casino Profit Sharing with ER Tokens

Have you ever wanted to own a casino, or maybe be a shareholder of a casino operation? EOSReel can “fulfill” this dream with you just playing their games. In addition to the thrill of the slots game, every spin earns you EOSReel (ER) tokens. The higher your bet size, the faster you earn ER tokens. Your ER token balance is reflected at the top of the screen beside your EOS balance. So what are the benefits of ER tokens?

ER tokens are almost like shares of the game site. You can either choose to convert your ER tokens to EOS by selling the ER tokens on the Newdex exchange, or you can choose to stake your ER tokens to earn dividends from the EOSReel game site. The more ER tokens you stake, the higher the dividend earned. More information about the dividend payout and the amount you can stake can be accessed easily from the website.

Wait no more and start playing this exciting crypto slots game while earning tokens and dividends at the same time!

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