Getting Started with Blockchain Cuties

What is Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain Cuties is a game where you collect cute animals called “Cuties”. You can send them on adventures and quests, upgrade them and level them up. 

Blockchain Cuties has a market for trading items and Cuties which supports EOS as well as other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO and Tron as of now.

Login to Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties support logging in via many different methods! No matter which method or blockchain you choose to login with, you will play together with every other player.

For fastest transaction confirmations and 0 transaction fees, we recommend using EOS. You can login using Scatter (check out our EOS Account Creation and Scatter Starter guides) and for mobile, EOS Lynx and You can also enter your private key directly to login, but we do not recommend that for security reasons.

Logging in with EOS:

  1. Click “Log In” in the header
  2. Click the EOS icon
  3. Click the Scatter button (make sure Scatter is already logged in and running, if not start Scatter and refresh the page)
  4. A Scatter popup will appear to confirm if you would like to log in, simply click “Allow” and you’re done!

Now that you’re logged into the world of Blockchain Cuties, let’s start with the basics!

Cuties - Your Unique Pets

“Cuties”, as the title of the game suggests, make up the most important part of Blockchain Cuties!

You start off with one Cutie, but you can always buy more or breed them to get more!

You can train your Cuties to gain experience, level up and equip them with awesome items you find/buy from the market. As your Cuties grow stronger, they can do more and achieve more! You can also sell your Cuties to other players.

There are 3 categories of Cuties, from the most common Normal Cuties to Tribute Cuties and the rarest Unique Cuties.

Normal Cuties are what your team will be mostly made of as they are readily available. Each animal type has their own bonus as shown in the table below.

Normal Cuties Bonuses






Loot Drop Chance




























Tribute Cuties are generally stronger than Normal Cuties, having an extra power bonus. They are mostly designed around some theme or celebrity/pop culture character as tributes.

Unique Cuties are like limited edition collectibles - there is a limited quantity available for each type, usually through special sale events. They are generally the most powerful Cuties, having 2 power bonuses, and in some cases special abilities (eg Aliens with Regeneration).


Your Cuties can be sent on adventures to many different destinations. When it is on an adventure and encounters another Cutie, they will battle.

Battles are turn-based and fully automatic. You will be able to review the battle details including the dice rolls and damage dealt during the battle.

If your Cutie wins, it gains experience and a chance for an item for the win. If it loses, it will still gain experience. The item can be something the Cutie can wear, or a consumable item to decrease their cooldown period or to alter their genes.


Before we go into Breeding we need to understand genomes . What makes each Cutie unique is that each Cutie has a “genome” which determines its stats and appearance. Every Cutie has a genome made up of 64 attributes. The attributes are inherited from the parent Cuties. This ensures that when you breed two Cuties, the resulting child will have traits inherited from the parents.

This means that if you are trying to get a custom Cutie with a set of specific traits, you can keep breeding them using the parents with those traits until the child Cutie inherits all the traits you want.

You can check out all the strengths, weaknesses and traits of every Cutie from the "My Cuties" page.

Breed your Cuties to create powerful Cuties... or just really adorable ones!

Next steps:

Got the basics? Want to try more?

  • Join Raids and earn CUTE, the token of Blockchain Cuties, as well as rare rewards if your Cuties are powerful enough.
  • Make money from Blockchain Cuties! Breed Cuties and sell them on the market to earn EOS. You will never know if someone else is looking for the traits of your Cuties.
  • Check out Achievements (from the header) and try to complete as many challenges as you can. You might even learn some new things when trying to complete those.
  • ...and many more upcoming new features to look forward to!

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