How to Play Niu Niu Poker (Chinese Bullfighting Poker)

Niu Niu Poker is one of the first and perhaps the most popular blockchain game running on EOS right now.

Niu-Niu poker, or Chinese Bullfighting poker, is played using a standard deck of 52 poker cards.

To start the game, each player places an ante bet and is dealt five cards.

The player with the highest ranking Niu-Niu poker hand wins from 1x up to 4x the ante bet from the losing party. The specific payout multiplier is determined by the rank of the winning hand. (See table below)

Niu-Niu Poker Hand Rankings

A Niu-Niu poker hand consists of 5 cards. Each card has a point from 1 to 10. Aces count as 1 point. Kings, queens, jacks and tens all count as 10 points each.

To determine the overall score of a Niu-Niu poker hand, you must first find 3 cards which adds up to a multiple of 10. Having such a set of cards is known as having a ‘Bull’ or ‘Niu’.

Zero point Hand

If you are unable to find 3 cards which adds up to a multiple of 10, then your hand is a Zero-Point or No-Bull hand, which is the lowest ranking hand.

1 to 9 Points Hand

If you do have 3 cards that adds up to a multiple of 10, you now need to add up the points for the remaining two cards. If the result is a number more than 10, you need to subtract 10 again to get the final result.

The resulting number determines the number of points for that hand, which range from 1 point to 10 points.

Example: If your final result is 7, you have a Seven-Point hand or a Bull-7 hand.

Niu-Niu Hand

Since having a set of cards that add up to multiples of 10 is also known as having a bull or Niu, having two such sets of cards gives one a Niu-Niu or a pair of bulls.

Hence, a 10-point hand is also known as a Niu-Niu hand. A Niu-Niu hand is considered one of the highest ranking hands in the game.

Special Hands

Besides the above mentioned hands, rare standard poker hands also count as strong hands in Niu-Niu poker. Straight, flush, full-house, quads and straight flush are special hands that rank higher than the 10 point Niu-Niu hand.

Other special hands include Five JQK and 5 Mini Bulls (See table below).


Similar to standard poker games, if both competing hands have the same ranking, then the hand with the highest kicker card wins.

For example, if both hands are 7-point hands, then the hand whose highest card is a King will win the hand where the highest card is a Queen or lower.

Payout Multipliers

The player with the higher ranking hand wins the game and the payout received from the loser is equal to the ante multiplied by the payout multiplier, which is based on the strength of the winner’s hand.

  • 0 to 6 point hands have a multiplier of 1x

  • 7 to 9 point hands have a multiplier of 2x

  • 10 point or Niu-Niu hands have a multiplier of 3x

  • Other more rare and special hands can have the highest multiplier of up to 4x (See table below)

Poker Hand (Weakest to Strongest)



Zero Point

No 3 cards add up to multiples of 10


One to Six Points

3 cards add up to multiples of 10. Remaining 2 cards add up to give either 1 to 6, or 11 to 16


Seven to Nine Points

3 cards add up to multiples of 10. Remaining 2 cards add up to either 7 , 8, 9 or 17, 18, 19 which results in 7, 8 or 9 points.


Ten Points or Niu-Niu

3 cards add up to multiples of 10. Remaining 2 cards also add up to multiples of 10.



5 cards in sequence


Five JQK

All 5 cards made up of only Kings, Queens and Jacks.



5 cards of the same suit


Full House

3 cards of the same rank plus a pair



4 cards of the same rank


Five Mini Bulls

Sum of all 5 cards less than 10 points


Straight Flush

5 cards in sequence and of the same suit


Multiplayer PvP Bullfighting Poker on the EOS Blockchain

With the advent of EOS smart contract technology, it is now possible for players to also play Niu-Niu poker using cryptocurrency.

The most popular gaming site for playing Niu-Niu or Chinese bullfighting poker right now on the EOS network is Banker Bulls.

Over there, they not only allow multiple players to play against the banker, they also allow players to participate as bankers.

Note: When playing against a banker, if both the player and banker has zero-point hands and the highest ranking card for either hand is 10 or lower, the banker wins.