How to Play Three Card Poker (Blockchain Edition)

Three Card Poker is a popular casino table game introduced in the 1990s. The game is played using the standard poker hands like Pair, Flush, Straight etc. Due to its popularity, several variations of the game have developed throughout the years. We will first describe the most basic rules and introduce some variations along the way.

There are three wager bets for this game: Pair Plus, Ante and Play. For most casino games, players’ cards are compared to the dealer’s to determine the winner. In some casinos, you have the option to place a wager on ONLY the Pair Plus, and this option does not require your cards to be better than the dealer’s to win.

Pair Plus

When playing just Pair Plus, players are dealt three cards facing down. If the player’s cards have a pair or better, the player will win a minimum of the wager amount and the maximum of 40x if the player has a straight flush (Do note the pay table will vary in different casinos). If the player does not have a pair, the Pair Plus wager is lost. Here, the player’s cards are not compared to the dealer’s cards.


In some casinos, bets are required on Ante to start playing. For most blockchain versions, the Pair Plus wager is optional. In this variation, players’ cards are compared with the dealer’s to determine the winner. Players are dealt three cards facing down. Upon looking at their cards, players can decide if they want to bet on Play to continue. If your cards do not have minimum of a pair, players can choose to fold. This will result in the player losing the Ante wager as well as the Pair Plus wager if they had bet on it.


Once the player chooses to play a hand, the player must place a wager on Play. The bet amount for both Ante and Play must be equal. After all bets are finalized, dealers will open the players’ cards to compare with theirs to determine the winner. Here is when it gets a little complicated. Do read on to better understand the game.


Dealer does not Qualify

In order for the dealer to play in a hand, the dealer’s cards must have at least a Queen high. If the dealer has Jack or lower, the dealer does not play. In this case, the Dealer does not qualify and nothing will be paid to the players. However, if the player has bet on Pair Plus and do have cards of Pairs and better, the payout for Pair Plus wager will be paid according to the Pair Plus Pay Table.

Dealer Qualifies

If the dealer has a Queen or better, the dealer qualifies. Here, the player’s and dealer’s cards will be compared to determine who has the better hand. The hierarchy of hands is as follows: -

  1. Straight Flush

  2. Three of a Kind

  3. Straight

  4. Flush

  5. Pair

  6. High Card

If the player has the better hand, the player will get a 1:1 payout for both the Ante and Play wager. However, if the dealer has the better hand, all bets will be lost.

Ante Bonus Payout

In cases where the player has straight and better, additional Ante Bonus will be paid. A straight hand will get an additional 1:1 payout of the Ante bet, while a Straight Flush can get up to 5x the Ante bet amount. Again, the payout rate may vary in different casinos.

Casinos on Blockchain

Currently, players can choose to play at a physical casino or in online casinos. For online casinos, players usually need to deposit a sum of money into the casino website before they can start playing. When withdrawing funds, it will require submitting many documents and paying some administration fees before the money appears in your bank account. Until recently, an exciting new alternative is available for online casino players: Blockchain Casinos.

Blockchain casinos have been operating on various blockchains such as EOS since 2018. Many players are attracted to blockchain casinos not only because it offers the same online playing experience as many non-blockchain online casinos, most importantly blockchain casinos do NOT require deposits of large sums of money into their casinos. Using blockchain technology, wagers are debited directly from your EOS account. Similarly, winnings are credited back to your EOS account almost instantly. Because these transactions take place on-chain, all game play are transparent and provably fair.

To attract online casino players, blockchain-based casinos have been offering fun variations of regular casino games. For Three Card Poker, Big.Game Casino on the EOS platform has offered their version named Poker War.

In this variation, players can choose to bet on either the King or Queen set of cards. There is no player vs dealer, which makes for a much fairer game play. The win rates of King or Queen sides are shown clearly on the lower screen. Players can also bet on the Lucky Strike, which is similar to Pair Plus in the standard version.

If you have an EOS account, you can start playing now by going to the Big.Game website. If you do not yet have an EOS account, you can set one up simply by following our Guide to EOS account setup. Do also check out the other exciting casinos listed on

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