Introducing Crypto Legends - 3D Hearthstone on the EOS Blockchain

Imagine a 3D version of the popular Hearthstone collectible card game but with digital cards that can actually be traded amongst all the players. That's what the raving EOS blockchain game Crypto Legends is like.

Crypto Legends is the brainchild from one of the co-founders of top Korean gaming company GAMEVIL, Mr. Neung-ho Hyun. Rather than building a blockchain game from scratch, he has taken the approach of taking an existing popular game format and adding blockchain to augment the appeal. We love this concept and believe this is going to be a winning strategy.

Finally, a Fully Tradable and Collectible Digital Card Game

Today, online Trading Card Games or Collectible Card Games are a massive misnomer. Almost every digital card game out there sell players cards that are neither tradable nor collectible. This is because the games don’t let players sell the digital cards to another player and also, the scarcity of those digital cards cannot be independently verified.

For example, in the popular game of Hearthstone, players can only ‘disenchant’ their cards for magic dust which can only be used to craft new cards. So, the only way to get the cards they want is to buy more cards from the game developer.

However, thanks to EOS blockchain technology, Crypto Legends will be able to bring gamers back to the roots of this genre that made the original TCGs like Magic the Gathering so popular in the first place, by allowing players to trade and collect super rare cards and watch their value go up over time.

3D Battles and Animations

Another innovation that Crypto Legends is bringing to the table is that, unlike most card games like Hearthstone or Gods Unchained which are rendered in simple 2D graphics, magical duels in Crypto Legends are fully fleshed out in awesome 3D graphics.

Every card has a corresponding 3D model with its own unique sound and battle effects, making them super cool to own and collect.

The game launched with a total of eight playable classes. They are: Paladin, Wizard, Priest, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, Death Knight and Warrior.

PvP Tournaments

Not only can players play heads on matches against another player, they can also participate in exciting online tournaments with hundreds or even thousands of other players.

Ongoing tournaments are an integral part of this game and exciting prizes awaits the best of the best players every season.