Prospectors EOS Game Guide for Beginners

Keen to play Prospectors yet absolutely clueless on how to begin? Not sure on how you can mine your first pot of gold in the game? Here's a beginner's guide to help you get started with EOS Prospectors in no time!

Objective of Prospectors

Prospectors is an economy simulation MMO game, to put it simply. The goal of the game is to earn as much gold as possible. The gold in Prospectors can be exchanged for PGL tokens, which can then be traded for EOS. Yes, you can earn real world money by playing this game!

To earn gold in the game, you can do a range of activities:

  1. Take on jobs offered by other players.

  2. Buy items from other players.

  3. Craft items to sell in the marketplace.

  4. Own plots of land to start a mining business and hiring other players to work for you

Read on to learn how you can earn gold from jobs, trade in the market and get the items you traded to improve your workers - the most important basics for any Prospectors player.

Logging in

To log into Prospectors, you can choose use either your Google or Facebook account.

You will also need Scatter to log into your EOS account (create an EOS account if you do not yet have one) as the game runs on the EOS blockchain. If you need help to set up Scatter, check out our Scatter setup guide. Alternatively, you can choose to log in using your private key instead of using Scatter but we strongly discourage entering your private key anywhere online.

Note: During the game, Scatter will show popups for you to confirm actions, e.g. when you’re taking on a job or moving items. Simply click on Allow to proceed with the game, and also to record actions on the EOS Blockchain.

Game UI

Prospectors’ interface may look intimidating, but it is actually very simple! Let's start by learning about the 4 most basic functions - Workers, Jobs, Market and Stuff.


Keyboard shortcuts: Worker #1: “1” key, Worker #2: “2” key, Worker #3: “3” key

These are the 3 workers you start with and they are the ones who will work and earn gold for you.

Each worker has 3 shortcuts when you mouse-over their portrait

  • Running icon: when you click on a plot of land then the icon, the worker can move to that specific plot of land if they’re not already there.

  • Two arrows (exchange): Clicking on this allows workers to exchange items with other workers (including workers owned by other players) on the same plot of land.

  • Location icon: this function brings you to where your worker is currently at.

Jobs - Earn gold by taking on jobs

Keyboard shortcut : “J”

All 3 workers can be sent out to complete jobs and earn gold! The simplest jobs to start with are transporting jobs. Jobs requiring tools come next when you can afford to buy/craft the required tools.

The jobs button will show you all jobs available throughout the whole land but not all jobs can be undertaken by your workers if you have only just started. Fret not as we have found an easy way to show only what your workers can take on.

Taking on a Job to earn Gold

  1. Click on the portrait of any worker which do not have a timer on their portrait (currently not on a job).

  2. Click “Find a job”

  3. Look for a job where the “Perform” button is coloured brown instead of grey. Brown means it is still accepting workers and grey means there are enough workers working on it.

  4. A popup will appear showing you details like how long the job will take and how much the worker will earn when the job is done. Click “Perform” to start the job!

  5. Done! A countdown timer will appear on the worker’s portrait to indicate how much time it will take before the worker is free again.

Market - Buy and sell items

Keyboard shortcut: “R”

Buying an item

  1. Click on the Market icon (top icon at the bottom-left) or press “R” on your keyboard

  2. The Market screen will pop up. Use the filter function in the left column to search for only things you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy a shovel, uncheck everything except shovel.

  3. Click on the shopping cart icon located on the right of the listing you are interested in and a popup with more details will appear. “Lifetime” shows you how long the tool can still be used before it runs out of durability. If the price is right, click on “Buy” to confirm the purchase.

Note: In Prospectors, the item does not go into your inventory like some other games. It stays in the seller’s storage and you will have to retrieve them, which we will go through in the next section.

All My Stuff - How to get a purchased item

Keyboard Shortcut: “S”

See where every material/tool you own are. If they are in other players’ storage, you will need to collect them. If they are on workers, the workers will be able to use them to either work or craft new items.

Retrieving an item you bought from another player

  1. Click on the “All My Stuff” button (4th from the top on the bottom-left) or press the “S” key on your keyboard.

  2. You will see a list of items you own and where they currently are. Items that are just purchased will remain in the previous owner’s storage. You can also see the items held by your workers.

  3. To retrieve an item from the seller’s storage, first click on the location coordinates to teleport to the seller’s plot.

  4. If you do not have any worker at this location, move one of your workers over first to be able to retrieve the item. To do this, hover your mouse over a free worker and click on the top icon to move the worker to the location. (Note that this can take several hours if the worker is far away)

  5. Click on the plot in the centre of the map after teleporting, then click on the storage.

  6. If you have any item that you own in that seller’s storage, “My Purchases” tab will be selected by default. Click on the item, then a worker currently at this location and click on “Move”. Click on “Move” again when a popup appears to confirm that this worker will retrieve this item.

  7. Done! The worker is now currently holding the item and the worker will be able to use the item you have purchased!

Next steps:

  • Bought your first tool or crafted one? Now you can do jobs requiring the tools you have! These jobs are unique in the sense that you can choose how long you want to work on the jobs. The longer you work (limited by the amount of time remaining for the offer + durability of your tool) the more you earn.

  • Check out the Academy (keyboard shortcut: “W”) and read up in greater detail the jobs and tools required.

  • Ready to take on bigger risk to earn more gold? Start by renting a plot of land (monthly leases are for sale) to operate your little mining/trading business!

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