How to Stake CPU For Another EOS Account

Can’t Add CPU After Running Out Of CPU? Here's how to fix it.

There is a nifty feature in EOS allowing one account to stake CPU/NET for another account temporarily - lending CPU to another EOS Account. This is handy when an account is totally out of CPU as staking CPU still requires a tiny bit of CPU - when you’re depleted of CPU you will not be able to stake more.

What you need

  1. Receiving account - the account that does not have enough CPU

  2. Sending account - a different account (or a friend’s) with sufficient CPU

  3. Scatter Desktop to log into

If you need a second account learn how to create one quickly.

Instructions: Temporarily Lending CPU From One EOS Account To Another

Quick guide to lend CPU by staking for another EOS Account:

  1. Log into the sending account (the one with CPU to spare) at > Stake CPU/NET using Scatter (If you don’t have Scatter, check out our quick setup guide)

  2. Enter the name of the receiving account under “Receiver of Stake”.

  3. Enter the amount of CPU you want to stake for that account

  4. Leave transfer stake option unchecked, click “Stake”, approve the action in the Scatter popup and you’re done!

What's Next?

Now that you have more CPU in the EOS account that ran out of CPU before, check that you have CPU to spare, add more CPU to itself if required and unstake (using the unstake section in if you need to.