How To Unstake CPU/NET on EOS

Unstake EOS to return it to your EOS wallet

Check how much CPU and NET you have staked

To check how much CPU/NET you have staked and to which accounts, simply login to > Wallet (, hover your mouse over the CPU/NET amount and it will be displayed.

Unstaking CPU/NET

To unstake CPU/NET for your own account:

  1. Go to Bloks > Unstake ( and log in using Scatter (or any of the available login methods you prefer)

  2. Enter your account name, amount of CPU and NET to unstake

  3. Click the big unstake button

  4. Allow the transaction and you’re done!

Unstaking CPU/NET from ANOTHER account

If you have staked CPU/NET into another account, simply follow the instructions above except instead of your own account name, enter the account name you would like to unstake CPU/NET from.

Note: Unstaking CPU/NET is totally free and it takes 72 hours before the unstaked EOS is available for you to use again

Troubleshooting: Claiming Unstaked CPU

If you did not receive your unstaked CPU after unstaking them for more than 72 hours, go to Bloks > Refund Stake ( and tap the Refund button, allow the transaction and it should be fixed shortly.