Why EOS Blockchain Games are Kind of a Big Deal

When the EOS mainnet first launched in June 2018, many EOS investors were disappointed by the fact that most of the applications launched shortly after were ‘merely games’. Quite a few were expecting some big projects to launch that will somehow get millions of people to use blockchain in a big way right from the get go.

However, the reality is that, just like building a house, trust in blockchain technology needs to be built little by little, brick by brick from the ground up over time. No sane person is going to be spending thousands of dollars or uploading their selfies onto a brand new blockchain without testing the waters first.

Casual gaming on the blockchain is probably the best way to onboard millions of new users to experiment using cutting-edge EOS blockchain technology in a safe and enjoyable way. People can try out using the EOS blockchain with little to no money upfront while playing their favorite games.

EOS - The Play for Pay Gaming Platform

Mobile RPG games are extremely popular today. Virtually everyone is fighting monsters on their phones and earning virtual loot. What if you can trade these digital in-game items for real money?

Using EOS blockchain technology to guarantee uniqueness and authenticity, virtual goods can be readily traded worldwide as if they were real world physical items. Instead of paying to play games, EOS gamers can now get paid for playing games by selling virtual loot they earned from playing games.

Allowing people to earn some money while having fun is definitely an excellent way to onboard the masses to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Also great for mass adopting millions of new users to cryptocurrencies is to enable people to win cryptocurrencies playing video games in online eSporting tournaments.

Image: 16-year-old Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf of Pennsylvania winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup and taking home a cool $3 million in prize money.

EOS - The eSports Tournament Enabler

The relatively new eSports industry is also a rapidly growing one. According to Newzoo, by 2021, the annual growth rate of eSports viewers worldwide will be about 14% and a total audience of 557 million.

Image Source: Newzoo

Currently, organizing an eSports tournament is a challenging affair and only major games developers have the resources to pull it off.

With the advent of EOS cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, setting up online tournaments for eSports will be greatly simplified to the point where every indie game developer will be able to organize an online tournament for their gaming fanbase with little to no effort. Professional gaming will then become a real possibility for everyone once this concept becomes a reality.

Bringing the Crypto Revolution to the Masses One EOS Game at a Time

Let’s face it. People are not going to buy cryptocurrency so they can pay for their daily coffee. There is always fiat or credit card for that and it’s 10x more convenient than any crypto solution we have today. We believe cryptocurrency adoption will have to come from usage in the fast growing digital economy.

In an increasing digital and connected world where one’s online persona may become more important than their offline counterpart, we believe that digital assets will gain importance and potentially even outperforming non-digital assets in the future. Soon, many people will readily buy cryptocurrencies simply because they need to acquire those much coveted digital in-game assets and vice versa.

We see a future where games whose in-game items are not tradable on the blockchain will become obsolete, especially RPG games. This is because most RPG games in the market today are very similar in terms of gameplay and so it’s really a no-brainer to pick a game that rewards you the gamer monetarily over another game which does not.

With all that said, new blockchain games are already coming online on the EOS blockchain every single day. Click on the button below to explore them all.